Playing Paintball in the Santa Cruz Mountains
By Jeff Barker

As a kid, did you ever play "guns" with your pals where you "shot" people with invisible guns and bullets? And half the time you argued with one another along these lines;

You: "I got you!"
Your pal: "No you didn't."
You: "Yes I did! You're dead."
Your pal: "If I'm dead, how come I just shot you?"
You: "No you didn't!! You're dead!"
Your pal: "No, you're dead!"
You: "Oh yeah? Well my Dad can beat up your Dad....."

Ahhh, the good 'ol days.

Well you can relive the good 'ol days - without the arguments - and with a great deal of reality thrown in.

Last weekend, fifteen hearty souls from the Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Club journeyed to the Santa Cruz mountains to play some war games. Donned in camouflage, sporting battle masks and armed with pump-action rifles loaded with paintball "bullets," we faced off against a formidable looking group of guys who were there to celebrate a bachelor party.

We annihilated them. And nobody could argue that.

The Adventure Game (T.A.G. for short), has an outdoor paintball site in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, a little north of Scotts Valley. The four playing fields are awesome, as you can take advantage of the natural terrain in each one for protection and cover. Creek beds, fallen trees, stumps, redwood trees, holes, walls of fallen branches and manmade obstacles - they are all there. You get to live your childhood fantasies, and it sure is fun to peg someone with a well placed paintball.

After six games of playing Elimination, Capture-the-Flag, and Speed Ball, we were all nearly exhausted. Fortunately, a hearty Outdoor Adventure Club lunch fueled us up for another four games including Resurrection, where you can come back to life after you've been shot.

Most everyone who played was a first time player, and everyone had a great time. It doesn't require any exceptional skill or experience. You just go out there and "kill" or "be killed." It certainly made for some great water-cooler talk on Monday morning.

For more information about playing paintball, contact the Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Club at 415.954.7190 or visit our website (